Dove Brings ‘Real Beauty’ To Its Packaging

Gender identity, female empowerment, and body positivity are all hot topics in society today. And when society experiences a shift, so does the advertising we create and consume. While some argue that brands have no business influencing or even engaging in societal conversations, others acknowledge that the strength of their brand gives them a platform upon which to convey some very important messages.

Among those who believe advertisers should stick to what they know is Kara Brown, author of the Jezebel article, “Heineken’s New ‘Woke’ Ad Might Be As Bad As Pepsi’s”. Second only to her disturbing use of the work ‘woke’ is Brown’s pathetic assertion that Heineken had no business meddling in societal issues.

Heineken has released an ad that’s being described as a less stupid version of what Pepsi was trying to do with their Kendall Jenner’s “the resistance will the commercialized” campaign. Unfortunately—and try not to not to be too shocked here—it is still true that a company whose only goal is to sell beverages may not be best equipped to push social change. – Jezebel

Among those joining Heineken in using their brand voices for good is Always, Aerie, Toms, Patagonia, and many more. From integrating boys’ and girls’ clothing sections at Target to introducing a gender neutral Easy Bake Oven, brands are finally beginning to embrace the strength of their brand voice and messaging. And Dove’s most recent announcement doesn’t disappoint.

Dove has released a limited-edition run of its Body Wash bottles in some not-so-ordinary packaging. In a range of various shapes and sizes, the unique bottles celebrate body diversity and communicate the brand’s overarching message of “Real Beauty”.

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Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Bottles’ Come in All Shapes and Sizes, Embodying the Brand Message