Milka Encourages It’s Customers to Reach Out

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Milka, the chocolate bar manufacturer has been using creative marketing campaigns lately to both engage and challenge it’s customers worldwide.

In Argentina for instance, a local ad agency, David, took to the streets to bring people together.  In a world where the majority of our waking hours are spent immersed in technology, Milka wants people to reconnect, not with our various devices, but with strangers on the street.  Below is a video from Milka Argentina illustrating their marketing strategy.

The iconic purple Milka cow is placed a few yards from a candy dispenser.  In order to get free chocolate people had to hold hands to connect the cow with the candy machine, most instances requiring the interaction and assistance of strangers.  Played over a million times on YouTube, Milka’s ad encourages us to leave out technology behind even if just for a second, and help out a stranger who wants some chocolate!

Across the globe in France, Milka’s employing a similar strategy, in a totally different way.  If you buy a Milka chocolate bar in France you’ll be surprised to find one of its squaresmissing from the package.


The campaign titled “Dare to be Tender” lets customers either have the last square sent to themselves, or  sent to a friend or loved one in the mail along with a note from the sender. Both strategies have been successful in their  respective regions in reaching out and touching (both figuratively and literally) someone, and as a reward, what better than some Milka chocolate.

So, the moral of the story is, next time a stranger asks you for help, or your Milka chocolate bar is missing a square, it may not be a bad thing, you could be getting free chocolate!




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