L’Ami Ricoré: The French Facebook Bot to Enjoy with Your Brew

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Nestlé’s Ricoré instant coffee/chicory « café chichorée »  brand has been growing in popularity since its creation in 1953. This brand is primarily in the French market, but is also established in Belgium, Poland, and South Africa. Notably, the Ricoré brand is known for its fun and vibrant advertisements, featuring the tagline: « L‘ami du petit déjeuner », which translates to “the friend of breakfast”. On September 12, 2016, Ricoré launched its newest and most innovative campaign yet: L’ami Ricoré. L’ami Ricoré (the Ricoré friend), is a Facebook Messenger bot that wakes you up in the morning with a humorous message while you enjoy your morning coffee in order to start your day off right. Ricoré accompanied the bot launch with the catchphrase:  « L’ami Ricoré: de bonne humeur, de bon matin », or L’ami Ricoré: Good humor, good morning. As explained in Soline Demenois’ article entitled, The best digital campaigns in France in 2016:

“In 2016, the brand stood out in French media by offering a unique service to its consumers —L’Ami Ricoré. Hard to put you in a good mood in the morning? Well, not anymore! Start a Facebook Messenger conversation with L’Ami Ricoré, and tell your new buddy at what time you are usually setting your alarm up. From now on, every morning, the Messenger bot will wake you up with a funny message (cute pandas, crazy dances, or whatever content that will put a smile on you). This ingenious service was introduced through the use of a very short clip promoted online to journalists as well as on social media” (Soline Demenois). 

The launch of the  L’ami Ricoré Facebook messenger bot is an innovative step in the direction of incorporating artificial intelligence into their brand’s marketing campaign. In Gabriel Teisson’s article entitled « Ricoré lance un bot Facebook Messenger qui vous réveille le matin » (Translation: Ricoré launched a Facebook Messenger bot that wakes you up in the morning), he explained that, « Partant du constat que le premier geste du matin est de checker son smartphone, la marque a décidé de s’installer dans ce petit rituel en proposant un service unique  » (Gabriel Teisson). The translation of this quote is: “Drawing on the basis that the first thing people do in the morning is check their smartphone, the brand decided to install themselves into this small ritual by proposing a unique service” (Gabriel Teisson). The bot perfectly aligns with Ricoré’s brand image, which is to brighten everyone’s morning. Since Ricoré’s advertisements are historically humorous, utilizing a bot that allows their customers to enjoy a funny gif or video each morning with their coffee is a perfect fit. The L’ami Ricoré bot helps Ricoré establish the brand as an essential element of two key morning rituals, both modern and traditional: checking your phone’s notifications and enjoying your morning coffee. Gabriel Teisson adds:« Le bot sera votre première notification de la journée qui vous décrochera un sourire, chaque matin. » (Gabriel Teisson), which means: “The bot will be your first notification of the day that will make you smile, every morning” (Gabriel Teisson). Launching L’ami Ricoré bot was a good marketing decision for the international brand because it signaled to customers that it could change with the times by incorporating modern social media technology into their marketing campaigns, all while starting their customers day with a smile.

I added L’ami Ricoré bot to my Facebook Messenger to try out the comical service myself. The bot is currently only in French. Find my screenshot, and corresponding translation, below:

- Hello, I hope that you are well!
- Do you want to receive our "plenty of humor" posts each day? Can you respond, giving me the hour you wake up please? (ex: 7:28). 
-It's noted. So I will send you a message at 10:30am. Should I send them during the weekend too?

Watch the commercial for L’ami Ricoré here, find the translation below:

 - L'ami Ricoré. Contact us on Facebook Messenger!
 - It's crazy that one simple message could make your morning good.
 - L'ami Ricoré, Good humor, good morning. 

Facebook message reads:
 - Good morning, to receive your dose of good humor each morning, simply send us the time you wake up.
 - 7:45am.
 - Hello Louis, today is Friday, no need to say more!
 -(sends funny dancing gif)
 - L'ami Ricoré. Contact us on Facebook Messenger!
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